Pandora Intelligent Networks.
Optimized waste management.

Pandora is a revolutionary online system that allows you to manage every compactor in your network right from your desktop. This market-leading technology puts you in complete control: you can track pick-ups, monitor performance, even see the individual compactors. By optimizing your network, Pandora provides substantial cost savings, time-efficient management, and a reduced environmental footprint.


Fewer Pick-ups

  • Manage entire network from one location.
  • Run reports on every aspect of performance.
  • Identify network and local inefficiencies.
  • Monitor waste levels.
  • Schedule pick-ups when nearly full.
  • Pay only for necessary pick-ups.



  • Check compactor efficiency.
  • Receive early warning of maintenance issues.
  • Schedule repairs before expensive breakdowns.
  • Use less energy with well-serviced machines.
  • Extend service life with regular maintenance.
  • Reduce fuel consumption with fewer pick-ups.
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